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Production of the Morgan Plus 8 ended with the end of the Rover V-8.  The Plus 8 has been replaced by the Roadster which is basically a Plus 8 powered by the Ford 3.0 V-6.  This car is not yet for sale in the US.  The last USA-spec Plus 8 was completed in July.

The Aero 8, which is the only Morgan currenly available in the US, has a BMW 4.4 V-8.

See http://www.allonwhite.co.uk/new-cars.asp_Q_make_E_morgan for details of the various models; this dealer site is more up to date than the Morgan factory site at www.morgan-motor.co.uk...


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With the end of Rover V-8's ( the Fordification)  does the Morgan Aero8 have 
a Rover motor or a Ford?  I saw an ad for one, but it didn't say what the 
power plant was.

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