[ROVERNET - UK] Re battery in boot

Fri Sep 10 02:50:33 BST 2004

It is not commonly known, but the P6 body design was origionally designed
for a turbine engine. I t proved to be impractiable because of the noise and
rather hot exaust. Then they looked for a V8 even before the 2000 came out.
It was assumed that any V8 was going to be too big to leave room for a
battery. I looked into to this when I got my 67 2000 AUTO. Happened to go to
GB shortly after that. (1968). Went to the Rover dealer on Piccadilly. When
I returned to USA I sold the Auto and got a 2000TC. Needed the AC in  So.
CA.  Have a pix. of that first P6. It had an extremelly sloped hood (Sorry
bonnet.). If anybody is interested I will scan it and send via email. In 70
I got a 3500S. Still have it. Am redoing rear brakes. What a job. Finally
dropped the diff. Much easier to work on. It has 160,000 mi on it. Engine
still tight no oil leaks.
John Hall

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