[ROVERNET - UK] Battery in Boot?

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 My recollection is that up until the 1950s it was considered
undesirable to put the battery in the engine compartment because it
would get too hot, and perhaps because of a fire risk if the battery was
overcharged and gave off hydrogen.  In the 1920s it was common for it to
be in a box on the running board (as it is on my Rover).  In my father's
1934 Morris Cowley, there were two 6-volt batteries (in series to give
12 volts) under the seat cushions.  As late as the 1950s, the Mini's
battery was in the boot.  Incidentally, a short on a main battery cable
will probably cause a fire wherever the battery is mounted!

Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 (San Francisco)

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After thinking about it, I would add another caution to Eric's.  My
first TR8 suffered a major fire from a dead short in the long battery
cable.  My present TR8 is a rebody using a '79 shell and, although I
have all the rear battery parts, I have never changed the battery to the
boot.  That fire was too painful.  If you do mount the boot battery,
install a battery switch in the positive cable....and use it.

Kent K.

--- Eric Russell <p6rovers at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Tom,
> My first career involved installing RADAR and depth sounders on both 
> deep sea ships, tug boats, and fishing boats.  The small craft were 
> fitted with a small AC generator run by the boats' DC batteries.
> It
> was always our objective to get the generator as close as we could to 
> the batteries to avoid voltage loss.
> I
> have now forgotten the mathematic formula to calculate the voltage 
> drop for a length of wire based upon its diameter.  Perhaps somebody 
> can help with that.
> I think it creates another variable for you with regard to starting 
> power but I thought I should give you a caution rather than just 
> reading and moving on.
> Eric

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