[ROVERNET - UK] 4.3 bhp output

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Thanks Bill, for the additional info.  After reading your description of
what was done the the body monocoque structure, it is no wonder that the car
flexed just pushing it across the garage floor!  I am also astonished that
the Rover 3500 diff was able to transmit the torque from the 364 hp factor
prepared motor.  I am even more astonished that someone was able to identify
that 'mishmash' of parts and know that they could assemble them into the
motor.  The chief mechanic must have been some sort of evil genius:-)


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> Hi Tom ........
>                 The information listed in the article is that the original
> factory car put out 364bhp with Carillo rods and good pistons, but it had
> hydraulic cam and lifters and non-adjustable rockers.........This was
> replaced in 1971 when it went to Australia with a Wade mechanical cam,
> Chevrolet lifters, pushrods from a Falcon 170ci 6 cylinder engine and
> rockers on Oldsmobile rocker shafts.........Quite a mishmash.......The
> original spark plug holes were welded and relocated to make room for
> inlet valves........This pushed the power up to 410bhp..........Late in
> was when the rear end was changed..........An interesting note is when the
> factory car was built they tried the Rover 3500 autobox in testing before
> switching to the Muncie 4 speed
> The car suffered from being too heavy, too complex and had many braking
> issues......it was a viscious understeerer and in 1972 the Traco motor
> out and a 480bhp 5litre Holden V8 went in and was moved a whopping 25
> rearward with now half the inlet trumpets behind the
> standard Rover radiator had also been used till this point...........To
> accomodate the engine the firewall was massively cut and anywhere they
> save weight metal was removed..............The car was lowered and now the
> exhaust had to run inside the car above the floor and out the
> sides............
> The media hated the car and what was done to it and called it a cunning
> cardboard replica of a car..........10 percent Rover and 90 percent
> imagination in that toy
> No mention was made of what was done to the rear end except that even in
> factory car the brake pads and rotors in the rear were replaced with those
> from a formula 5000 race car..........
> Its too bad that car had not retained its original form and raced in the
> touring class rather than trying to make an all out race cartoon out of
> it..........
> Bill Robertson
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