[ROVERNET - UK] Re: British Car Meet/Any interest in a San Francisco Area Rover club?

Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 18:07:22 BST 2004

Hi Albert,

I saw your 2000TC on Sunday.  It's a gorgeous car!  Nicest I've ever seen,
I think.  I took my green 2000TC and ended up over by the Land Rovers; the
organizers I guess didn't know the Rover saloons were with the Arcane
club.  I was only there about an hour and a half so you may or may not
have seen my car.

I keep thinking it would be great to put together an official RSTCA
chapter for the greater SF area, and have some of our own tours, meets,
etc.  I know there are lots of Rovers around here but we only ever seem to
get together at Palo Alto.  Is there any interest out there in doing this,
and getting our Rovers out and about together more often?  

Geoff Kirkpatrick

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> Dear Tom Trafton:
> I'm planning to take my 1969 Rover TC 2000 to the British Car Meet this
> Sunday in Palo Alto, CA.
> Do you also plan to attend?
> There's always lots of RR's, Bentleys, Jags, etc., most of them restored
> at a hugh cost, but last year mine was the only Rover TC2000, never
> restored, and a modest daily driver at that.
> Best regards,
> Albert
> http://community.webtv.net/ABoasberg/1969 ROVERTC2000

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