[ROVERNET - UK] Introduction/Questions

Frank Sommers gout at comcast.net
Thu Sep 16 00:47:21 BST 2004

Hi all, I became a member of this list a few weeks ago and am finally 
getting around to introducing myself. I live in Seattle, Washington, 
USA.  I have wanted a Rover for many years and recently picked up a 67 
2000TC off of e-bay for $120. It had sat for 2 years but after about an 
hour of messing with the starter, I was able to drive it home. No 
surprise, it needs a little work. I am finishing up restoring a 73 BMW 
2002 and know how to turn a wrench but am new to the Rover and Brit 
cars in general. I would appreciate any advice and info on parts 
sources etc. Currently, aside from a little rust, it only has 3 issues 
I need to deal with before I can drive it.
1. generator is dead. Is there an easy alternator conversion that can 
be done ?

2. Water pump leaking. Is there a source for rebuild kits or failing 
that a good source for a replacement.

3. Trunk hinges are shot. Any suggestions on replacements would be 
greatly appreciated.

Also a source for carpet would be great too.

Thanks in advance.

Frank Sommers

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