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1.  Any alternator can be adapted if the pulley is the same width.  You will
need to remove the generator control box (black thing 4" by 3" on inside
left mudguard/fender, not far from bonnet/hood hinges), and connect some
wires together at that point.  The warning light wire then needs extending
to the alternator control (sometimes integrated with alternator, mine is
remote on the TC).

2.  Scott's Old Auto Rubber in Australia have exchange pumps.  Good service.
I put one in the TC.


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Hi all, I became a member of this list a few weeks ago and am finally 
getting around to introducing myself. I live in Seattle, Washington, 
USA.  I have wanted a Rover for many years and recently picked up a 67 
2000TC off of e-bay for $120. It had sat for 2 years but after about an 
hour of messing with the starter, I was able to drive it home. No 
surprise, it needs a little work. I am finishing up restoring a 73 BMW 
2002 and know how to turn a wrench but am new to the Rover and Brit 
cars in general. I would appreciate any advice and info on parts 
sources etc. Currently, aside from a little rust, it only has 3 issues 
I need to deal with before I can drive it.
1. generator is dead. Is there an easy alternator conversion that can 
be done ?

2. Water pump leaking. Is there a source for rebuild kits or failing 
that a good source for a replacement.

3. Trunk hinges are shot. Any suggestions on replacements would be 
greatly appreciated.

Also a source for carpet would be great too.

Thanks in advance.

Frank Sommers

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