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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Thu Sep 16 02:04:12 BST 2004

>Hi all, I became a member of this list a few weeks ago and am 
>finally getting around to introducing myself. I live in Seattle, 
>Washington, USA.  I have wanted a Rover for many years and recently 
>picked up a 67 2000TC off of e-bay for $120. It had sat for 2 years 
>but after about an hour of messing with the starter, I was able to 
>drive it home. No surprise, it needs a little work. I am finishing 
>up restoring a 73 BMW 2002 and know how to turn a wrench but am new 
>to the Rover and Brit cars in general. I would appreciate any advice 
>and info on parts sources etc. Currently, aside from a little rust, 
>it only has 3 issues I need to deal with before I can drive it.
>1. generator is dead. Is there an easy alternator conversion that 
>can be done ?

Adding an alternator is quite easy. Some welding to the bracket is 
best, but you can also use long spacers etc, etc. My experience is 
with the Std 80-90s ac delco self regulated alternator, others can no 
doubt offer different makes.

>2. Water pump leaking. Is there a source for rebuild kits or failing 
>that a good source for a replacement.

Currently one pump up on ebay.

>3. Trunk hinges are shot. Any suggestions on replacements would be 
>greatly appreciated.

Well, if you joined the Rover Club of Canada there is a stockpile of 
parts just a few hours north of you ;-).
Why are they shot?

>Also a source for carpet would be great too.

There is actually a outfit in Vancouver WA, 
http://www.autoupholsterykits.com/ that claims to have a pattern for 
a P6, check them out. Otherwise I know of no source of carpet. If you 
are looking at doing your own, and have the cash, the closest 
currently available material is the english wool wilton carpeting, 
thought it has slightly too long a pile. What colour is your car?

Oh and by the way, welcome to world of Rovers. Good luck and happy touring.


>Thanks in advance.
>Frank Sommers
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