[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S for sale in PA

Glen Wilson glenwilson at ixpres.com
Thu Sep 16 06:41:52 BST 2004


I'm selling my recently acquired 1970 3500S. I'm located just south of
Philadelphia. Pictures are at the following web address:


The car is basically as good as it looks in the pictures except for a
rip in the bolster of the driver's seat, a worn arm rest, a small paint
chip on the bonnet, and a small bubble under the paint low down on the
driver's side front fender. The upholstery is slightly faded in some
areas. The air conditioning works, but doesn't get real cold (could
probably use a recharge).

The car was very nicely repainted in the original Brigade Red not long
ago and looks great. I've been using this as a daily driver, and it
passed PA inspection in May with no problems. The car starts, stops and
drives just fine. I rebuilt the brake master cylinder and servo and
flushed the lines with fresh brake fluid. I also installed new wires,
distributor cap and points.

The car is in very original condition in that it is exactly as it left
the factory. Nothing's been messed up or modified. It even has a fully
functional Automatic Enrichment Device (which seems to work exactly as
it's supposed to}.

I've had this car on a couple of pretty long road trips and have no 
doubt that it could be driven home safely and reliably.

I don't know exactly where to price it because I don't know what the 
market is for a nice 3500S at this time. I'm thinking in the 
neighborhood of $2,900 USD, but I'm willing to be realistic about the 
price depending on how much interest there is in the car. I'd appreciate 
feedback on this from Rovernetters.

I have a number of replacement parts for the car that could be bought 
for future use. I also have a parts car with a 99% perfect off-white 
(buckskin) interior if the new owner wants to go absolutely first class. 
Any parts included would be in addition to the cost quoted for the car 
itself, but I might throw some in to sweeten the pot.

Please contact me if you are interested. If I don't hear from any 
Rovernetters, I'll probably advertise locally or go eBay.


glenwilson at ixpres.com

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