[ROVERNET - UK] Introduction/Questions

Tom Trafton v8rover at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 16 18:33:50 BST 2004

Hi Frank

Welcome to the world of Rovers.  One suggestion I would like to make is to
see if you can find a Rover service manual.  I would recommend the factory
manual as opposed to the after market types.  The factory manual is very
complete, one of the best I have ever used.  They appear sometimes on ebay
or it is possible that a fellow Rovernetter may have a spare they are
willing to part with.

Good luck on getting your Rover back in driving condition.


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> Thanks Vern, and everyone else. I appreciate the info and am very glad
> to see that an active Rover community exists.
> On the generator, it appears that the slider bracket for adjusting the
> belt tension is, um, plastic? Is this right?
> The trunk hinges are shot because the PO pushed the car onto a tow
> dolly with another car and pushed the bumper into the boot, denting it
> and bending the hinges so that it will no longer close. He said the
> brakes were locked. Other than that the car was /is pretty straight and
> complete though a bit rusty in some spots. A bunch of spots.
> The car was originally the pale yellow one, I don't know the name of
> it. the PO gave it a $130 paint job. From the looks of it he did not
> want to splurge to get the car washed first. It is now a dark metallic
> green with chunks of yellow where the green has fallen off.
> The rover club of Canada sounds like a great resource. I will be
> joining it shortly.
> thanks all
> Frank

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