[ROVERNET - UK] p6b- stripped thread on thermostat housing

Peter Mitchell peterm at arach.net.au
Sun Sep 19 13:02:56 BST 2004

Hi Rovernetters

Today I changed the thermostat on my P6B 1976, as the engine has been taking
forever to warm up.  Despite my best efforts, I stripped a thread when
replacing the bolts on the thermostat housing.

I have a tap to re-thread the hole a size larger to take bigger diameter
bolts.  As a rooky Rover owner my questions are please Netters:

Access is going to be a problem - should I remove the distributor to get a
clear shot at retapping the thread by hand?  Or would I be best to take off
the inlet manifold entirely?

Please forgive the lack of knowledge displayed and your responses will be
genuinely appreciated.  We are hosting the National Rove, a get together of
Rovers from all over Australia, next week, and my car may not be leaving the
garage at this stage.

Kind regards

Peter Mitchell
Perth Western Australia

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