[ROVERNET - UK] RE: Introduction/Questions

T. Clemen tclemen at msn.com
Tue Sep 21 23:02:50 BST 2004

Welcome Frank!

May I say that you have quite the eye for bargains to get your Rover for so 
little!  As I am sure you have already noticed that this is a great group of 
people and very friendly, I too was very happy when I stumbled upon them.  
Many a problem of mine has been solved and/or helped along by the group.  
Anyway enough for the brownie points...

I had my water pump go on me a couple of years ago and bought a rebuilt one 
just north of you in  Vancouver.  ABC Cars #604-294-5747 (I am sure if the 
number is different now someone in the group knows it), turn around was fast 
and the price was excellent.  As far as your generator goes, I am not sure 
how stock you want your car to appear, but JR Wadhams (www.jrwadhams.co.uk) 
has some rebuild items for it.  I have some brand new brushes for one if you 
want them.  If it is too far gone I just had mine rebuilt for $110.00 
locally.  A word of advice is to get your voltage regulator checked if you 
are going to keep the generator set-up.
I am not sure if someone else has touched on these points or offerings, 
sorry if I am repeating things.

Good luck and again, welcome!

Tom C.

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