[ROVERNET - UK] Re: Rover 2000 SC Steering Box

Fritz Rauschenberg wfritz at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 22 10:38:16 BST 2004

Good luck on that one. Both of my TC's have stiff steering(my wife won't drive either
of them) & I assumed that was the nature of the beast. Especially since the steering
wheel turns effortlessly when the car is on jack-stands with the wheels off the
ground. I realize that may not reveal some binding of a worn component but I felt it
was a good indicator since both cars were the same. Perhaps a fellow Rovernetter has
learned something that might enlighten us.


Fritz Rauschenberg
Atlanta, GA USA

Walter Reynolds wrote:

> I've owned my 1968 Rover 2000SC since July 2004 and ti has always had stiff
> steering.  Even stiffer than my 1965 Austin Cambridge and I thought that was
> stiff!  In looking at the workshop manual, the Armstrong steering also has
> an idler box.  The manual tells how to check and top up the steering box oil
> level, but says nothing about the idler, even though the idler box shown in
> the manual and on the car has what may be a filler bolt on its top.  When I
> checked the level oil level in the steering box, I had to add oil - lots!
> The gears that I could see looked dry.  When I tried to check the idler box
> for its fluid level, oil started to ooze out from under the bolt as soon as
> I had it loosened about an eighth of a turn.  The oil that oozed out looked
> like graphite in colour, but I was too busy trying to get the nut tightened
> to notice the consistency of the ooze.  Can anyone help me with why the oil
> started leaking from the top of the idler box as soon as I loosened the
> bolt.  And how do I go about checking further for the source of the stiff
> steering.
> Thanks.  Walter.
> Walter D. Reynolds
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