[ROVERNET - UK] Rover seat foam AND K&N filters

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Fri Sep 24 18:59:16 BST 2004

Yes you can get K&N filters that almost fit in 
the stock airbox. All that is needed is an 
additional thin gasket (I glued some 1/16" pool 
liner I had to the base of the air box), as the 
K&N's are not quite wide enough to stay put. 
However, I can't give you the part number because 
they are on my car. I'll try and remember to 
check it out this weekend while I'm poking about 
under the hood, if someone else doesn't beat me 
to it.


>I,m curious as to where to get this pin-core 
>latex foam as i,m getting my 2 front seats 
>redone and would love to retain the feel of the 
>original seat foam...........Also does anyone 
>know if there is a K&N filter for the 2000TC, 
>even if i don,t retain the stock airbox, but 
>then i guess i need aftermarket holders too
>Bill Robertson
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