[ROVERNET - UK] Another Rovernetter offers free parts!

Tom Trafton v8rover at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 27 19:24:55 BST 2004

I am forwarding this message from Roland in the San Francisco area.  Looks
like a good deal for anyone who wants a diff;  price is right:-)


Since I can't post to the Rovernet, I have to contact folks individually.
:-( I have a free differential for a 3500. Just come and get it. I got it
from another list member and have since sold my P6. I don't need it anymore.
Please pass it on. I will be getting rid of AOL in the next couple of days
and hope to be able to post to the Rovernet soon. Thanks oh, located in the
San Francisco Bay Area.

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fear. Fear not and live fully.

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