[ROVERNET - UK] Save My Rover from the Dreaded Crusher

Robert Arnold webgeezer at warbaby.com
Wed Sep 29 06:10:35 BST 2004

Hi All -

I posted a note to the list a few weeks ago that I have to sell my 
Rover because I'm moving to the Netherlands. The time is drawing 
alarmingly near and while two Rovernetters expressed an interest in 
the car, both were too far away to make getting it practical (I'm in 
Petaluma, CA - about 40 miles north of San Francisco.

We're leaving on October 19th and if I can't find a home for it by 
the 15th I've got to take it to the scrapyard. I really hate to think 
of doing that because it's a decent car with a strong engine that 
runs great. All it needs is a boot lid, a rear bumper and a paint job 
to make it a nice daily driver.

While I'd like to get something for it, at this point I'll even 
consider parting with it gratis just to keep the world from losing 
another Rover. For those of you who missed the earlier post, here are 
the details:


Rust-free California car with 130K miles (small spot of superficial 
rust at the back corners of both front door sills).
Good strong engine, good oil pressure, reliable daily driver
All new vacuum hoses
New waterpump
New (rebuilt) radiator with oversize core
Front & rear calipers rebuilt
Decent interior
Excellent chrome


Window rubber deteriorated from California sun and needs to be replaced
Has A/C but compressor is out of the car (in the trunk)
Auto trans lock-out button doesn't lock.
Driver's seat is worn where the seatbelt comes around on the left side


Paint is badly worn and oxidized
Car was hit in the rear - no damage to the body shell, but will need 
to have the boot lid and rear bumper replaced

I've posted some pictures of it online at 
http://www.warbaby.com/3500S.html. The car is located in Petaluma, CA 
- about 40 miles north of San Francisco.  Email me off-list and we 
can discuss it without boring everyone else.


BTW - If anyone cares, the car was reputedly owned originally by Bob 
Dylan, but I haven't been able to come up with positive confirmation 
of this - California vehicle records don't go back that far.

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