[ROVERNET - UK] Save My Rover from the Dreaded Crusher

Robert Arnold webgeezer at warbaby.com
Wed Sep 29 20:59:52 BST 2004

Hi Richard -

The car runs and drives great - I wouldn't hesitate to drive it 
across country without worry. There's a slight vibration in the front 
suspension when you get up to 78-80 mph, probably a wheel slightly 
out of balance or out of round, but it smooths out at 90 and stays 
smooth up to 115 (as fast as I've taken it). Seems quite happy 
crusing at 100+ (but keep your eyes open for the blue meanies).


>Hello Robert,
>Do you think she'll make 1,800 miles to Dallas, Texas?
>How well does it behave when cruising at 85 mph?
>Wondering if I could make the trip back here in two
>days, stopping over around Albuquerque, NM, hmm... 
>I'll just have to see if I can arrange for myself or
>someone to get out there to CA within your time
>Richard Elliott
>1970 NADA P6B Tobacco Leaf
>Rowlett, TX

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