[ROVERNET - UK] Polarize?

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Wed Sep 29 23:47:53 BST 2004

This is a 3500 P6?
What do you mean by "touched poles"?  A reversal of polarity, ie. positive
to chassis?


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Hi all
I was installing my new grose jets and ran into a problem trying to start my

car.  I turn the key and get a hum from the starter.  I may have 
accidentally touched poles tightening my battery cables down.  For the life 
of me I can not remember the correct way to re-polarize my system, if indeed

this is the problem.

Please let me know, the battery is charging now and I can't wait to see if 
these grose jets solve my fuel leak issue.


Tom C.

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