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Both those sizes are too small in diameter compared with the std 
tire. A 185-70 14 gives about the same diameter as the original, the 
other possibility would be a 175-75 14.


>Hi everyone.  Many thanks for the responses to my questions on the SC
>steering box.  I took the easiest possible remedy as the first thing to
>check i.e. check tire pressures and set pressure to 31 pounds and it seems
>to have worked.  The steering, though tough reflects manual rather than
>pumping-iron-arm-strong steering.
>New question, but still on tires:  The tires on the car are Pirelli 164x14's
>and I will need to replace them soon as all four tire walls are cracking.
>My local OK Tire store manager priced the 164x14's at $189 each if I wanted
>to keept to the original specs.  I told him that I wouldn't be putting the
>car in for any concours competitions, so at $184 each tire, I could pass.
>He suggested either 175x65x14 or 175x70x14.  The former are Ford Escort-spec
>tires, but the latter give a higher profile.  I told him that my main
>concern is that the speedo not be influenced too much (it gave up the ghost
>3 weeks ago, but I didn't tell him that), plus, before deciding I would
>check with other P6 owners about the size of their tires.       SO:
>What tires are you P6 2000 owners running on your cars ans where do you go
>for tire work?
>Thanks.  Walter.
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