[ROVERNET - UK] Ignition timing on the 3500S (Federal)

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There is a lot of discussion on the subject
of ignition timing and there are a lot
of distributors (even for the P6B) with 
different max advance specifications.
(see the workshop manual).

If you want the very best of your engine
efficiency- and power wise you should
experiment by trial and error.
The thing is any engine runs best on
the verge of pinging. The factory was
naturally conservative for many different

My 9,35 engine runs on 16 degrees BTDC
on 98 RON fuel.
But I made a provision so that maximum
advance is not more than 36 degrees.

A lot of cars run on 12 degrees BTDC.

So if you want conservative timing set the
advance to 10 degrees BTDC. When the engine
pings what is highly unlikely you can always
adjust in less advance in 2 degrees increments.

Also important is what distributor you have.
Some have 13 degrees max advance (that is 26
crankshaft degrees) some 12 and some 14).
You should not dial in more than 36-38 max advance.
Also make sure your vacuum advance is working and
establish what CR you have.

Hope this helps,

Lex van Opstal.

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Onderwerp: [ROVERNET - UK] Ignition timing on the 3500S (Federal)

I'm about to do a tune-up, and reading the manual on Ignition timing, I 
see two settings, one for 10.5:1 compression ratio and one for 8.5:1 
compression ratio. My owner's manual says engines in "some export 
markets" have 8.5:1. Any insight on this, or more to the point: set 
timing at TDC or 6° BTDC?



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