[ROVERNET - UK] more on 3500s AED fuel shut off valve

sspmilr at netzero.net sspmilr at netzero.net
Sun Apr 10 02:57:31 BST 2005

Hi Peter:

Here's the "poop" on the shut off valve:  By pulling the valve all the
way out and turning it counter clock wise, one seats a gasket which
seals the valve.  When turning the valve counter clock wise you are
engaging threads which hold the valve in the open position.  When
turning the valve clock wise, at the same time pushing on the "T-
Handle", it shuts the AED off.  The valve is held in the "off position"
by engine vacuum.  One can drive out the pin on the T-handle and push
it out of the body.  You may have to do this if the gasket is bad.  One
can make or find a gasket that will replace the original.

Peter Miller
Port Orchard, Wa.

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