[ROVERNET - UK] AED overhaul, anyone?

Peter King peter at king-co.com
Thu Apr 14 17:02:33 BST 2005

Hi all.

I overhauled the 3500s AED last night, thanks to the MOST helpful 
information Eric pointed out on the Auckland Rover club site.

Has anyone else ever attempted this? Pretty straightforward until you 
get to the reassembly of the spring-loaded air valve. Then you need to 
muster up all your patience while you attempt to get that and the 
diaphragm retaining ring to stay in place while dropping the lid back 

Anyway, all done, but the only part of the directions that did not seem 
to be right was the insertion and adjustment of the jet needle 
assembly. Both mine and a spare I have were turned in exactly 35 flats, 
but the directions describe something quite different. I won't bore you 
with it, but if anyone has had any experience with this, please let me 

Also, any idea where I might find a probe for measuring the valve gap?

Rover on...


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