[ROVERNET - UK] shipping P4 engine UK to US

Al Adams adam2402 at bellsouth.net
Fri Apr 15 05:18:54 BST 2005

Hi everyone.

You may recall the engine on my '60 P4 100 went bad about a year and a half
ago.  Due to many other projects (personal, business, and car), I've not had
time to get the engine repaired or rebuilt.  We miss driving the car very

I've recently purchased a complete low mileage unit from someone in
Scotland.  He can package and carry it to an undetermined shipping point
(Glasgow maybe?) for transport to me in the southeastern US.  Nearest major
port to me is New Orleans.    The unpackaged weight is about  275 kilos.
Shipping costs look to be very high and I'm searching for less expensive

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Al Adams
Brandon, Mississippi

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