[ROVERNET - UK] shipping P4 engine UK to US

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Fri Apr 15 11:32:23 BST 2005

Hi Al
        I have a couple of P4 75 blocks that could be rebuilt, and one P4
100 engine that was good when it came out of the car. Also have a P5 Mk1A,
engine still in place it turned over last time I checked, you can take all
or any at no charge. Im closer than Scotland, but not much!!! Prince Edward
Island Canada.
In fact I have alot of P4 bits that you are welcome to have also.
Health has forced me to stop playing with my favourite things.
The only catch is you have to come pick them up, or arrange it thru someone
else. You have first refusal but the offer is open to any Rovernetters.
                         regards Ben

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