[ROVERNET - UK] P4 engines

Connie R Pennington wcpennington at juno.com
Fri Apr 15 21:55:02 BST 2005

Hi Andrew,
    I am pretty sure Ben is right. The blocks are the same. I also have a
P4 head complete 
with carbs that I have seriously considered putting on my P3. Ben's
message confirms
 my belief that it will fit. Have you tried Gibbs Oil or something to
unseize that engine? Gibbs
says they guarantee it.
         Hey Ben, do You think it increased the power or does it just
look a lot better?
                                              Cheers, Joe
1948 P3 75 6 light

On Fri, 15 Apr 2005 15:44:05 -0400 "Andrew Moss" <amoss at magma.ca> writes:
> Hi Ben,
> Does anyone know how similar the P4 "75" engine is to the P3 "75"? 
> My P3
> has a seized engine. I'm just a hop, skip and a jump away in Ottawa.
> Best regards,
> Andrew
> 1949 P3
> 1967 2000TC
> 1970 3500S
> 1984 SD1 VDP
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