[ROVERNET - UK] Latest Phoenix press release - the End!

Andrew H. Litkowiak andylit at runbox.com
Wed Apr 20 04:34:42 BST 2005

What a hose job! They are abandoning the entire consumer base and the 

>"A review of the company's warranty arrangements has been undertaken
>and has concluded that warranties continue in the first instance to be
>a matter between individual dealers and their customers.
>"We're aware that historically MG Rover has reimbursed repairers and
>authorised dealers the cost of valid warranty claims. However,
>following our appointment as joint administrators on 8 April 2005 the
>company no longer has sufficient funds to reimburse warranties.
>"Should customers wish to purchase warranty cover in the marketplace a
>number of alternative providers are available. Most dealers will be
>able to advise customers on how they could obtain this cover."

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