[ROVERNET - UK] Brighter Brake Lights?

Fritz Rauschenberg wfritz at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 27 19:38:49 BST 2005

I actually installed an after-market "3rd Brake Light" in the rear window of my 2000TC
for safety reasons. It is installed with 2-sided tape & is easily removed for car
shows if I so desire. I bought it at Auto Zone or Advance for $20.00. Easy on-easy off
& it's fairly attractive & it adds a bit of visibility over & above those old, small,
dim OEM lights.

Fritz Rauschenberg
Atlanta, GA USA
'69 2000TC FED A/C

Vern Klukas wrote:

> The biggest problem I would see is that the P6 lamps have reflectors
> behind the bulb, and the led bulbs do not shine backwards. So while
> they might be brighter, they may look decidedly weird and/or actually
> be not as bright as the incandescent bulbs.
> Otherwise, great idea, they will last forever and they illuminate
> much much faster than incandescent (few milliseconds vs around a
> tenth of a sec)
> Yours
> Vern
> >I have been toying with the idea of replacing the P6 brake light bulbs with
> >an LED array in an effort to increase the brake light brightness.  Painless
> >Performance Products here in the US sells what appears to be a direct
> >replacement for the bulb and it is said to be considerably brighter.  Has
> >anyone tried these and, if so, what has been your experience?  One thing I
> >was warned about is that the off-axis brightness is quite a bit less than
> >viewing the LED array straight on.
> >
> >Tom
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