[ROVERNET - UK] Electric window parts.

Adrian Denne dizzy02003 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 28 03:31:50 BST 2005

Hi Rovernetters,i'm currently embarked on a full
restoration of my 73 P6 3500S and i want to convert
the manual windows to electric.Thanks to this list
i've managed to locate somewhere to obtain the
electric window motors but need info on where i can
get the electric window switches,front and rear,window
regulators that are in the doors and the switch holder
panel that is just below the radio on the console.Any
info would be greatly appreciated especially from our
American friends as i'm visiting the States through
most of May and part of June.

I don't know if you boys and girls have seen this
Rover up for auction on E-Bay UK but i don't think
this guy could sabotage his own auction any more than
what he's doing now.His rambling replies to buyers
questions have got me mystified.My only surprise is
that only 3 bidders have cancelled their bids.Best of
all is his 2nd from last added comment on the
car,quote"The garage says the car is foxed" Hmm, who's
going to tell him.Link below if you want to have a


Regards      Adrian denne.

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