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>After careful research last year, (July I think) we
>installed some P6 Oil Filter cross-references on our
>If anyone has other brands with the recommendations
>discussed, please advise and I'll include them in the

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Tomas Börjeson wrote:


 > Does anyone know any other manufacturer for this filter and maybe a # as

 > well ?

 > My local FRAM agent says that #PH 2821A has been discontinued. (At least In


Hi Tomas,

Fram lists these #s in their "Master Catalog" as interchanging with

the PH 2821A oil filter for the Rover 2000. I hope it helps.

AC-Delco PF42, PF939, SC, X16

Baldwin BT216

Beck/Arnley 041-0019

British Leyland 554329, GEE-135, GFE-116

Caterpillar 9Y-4479, 694229

Champ PH4403

Clark 3981923

Cyclone PM-513

Deluxe WD-602

Fiaam FT4403, FT4790

Fleetrite LFR-8701

Gehl 078849

General Motors 25011131, 25011133

Gonher GP-30M


Hastings LF436

International Parts Services 4-1047

ITM 11-15402

Luber-Finer PH4403

Motorcraft FL-329

NAPA 1806

New Holland 505511

Perkins 2654403

Purolator PER-137

VERA 10-00256

WIX 51806

Hopefully these are all good #s; they came from Fram's '95 catalog.



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