[ROVERNET - UK] Fuel Pump woes

Paul Smith vmitps at netspace.net.au
Wed Aug 3 09:06:14 BST 2005

Sounds like they learnt from the Australian experience!
Vapour lock was a Bad problem, and Leyland stuck their head in the sand.
Electric pump, reroute fuel line, presto.


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> US 3500S all have an electric pump mounted alongside the fuel tank, 
> covered by a foam insulator.  The mechanical pump is not there and is 
> blanked out by a triangular plate.  The reason is said to be fuel 
> starvation from boiling in the lines in hot temperatures. The mechanical 
> pump could not overcome it. The hood louvers were added simultaneously for 
> the same reason. Racy...but really to keep it turning over in summer.
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