[ROVERNET - UK] time to sell the 1967 P5 MkIII Coupé

peter king peter at king-co.com
Thu Dec 1 04:30:12 GMT 2005

Hello all.

I've reluctantly decided to sell my RHD  '67 MarkIII Coup=E9 in order =20=

to focus on the completion of my other cars.

Work done to date:
All sills replaced (previous owner did a complete lower body =20
engine rebuilt by previous owner (not sure to what extent)
new front and rear brakes/ rebuilt brake calipers
repaired window registers
rebuilt/reconditioned rear heater
replaced wiper motor
repaired windscreen washer
replaced horns
replaced shift cable linkage bushes
new tires
all new shocks
replaced right side ball joint/suspension bushes
replaced door seals
replaced muffler system from front pipe back
reconditioned  emergency brake linkage
re-wired headrest reading lamps
reconditioned all door light switches
replaced power steering box seal
greased and re-wrapped springs
pertronix electronic ignition
new plug wire set
new grill badge
new belts/hoses
replaced fuel pump

speedo needs to be calibrated-sticking
driver's seat split at seams, cracked leather
headliner has quarter-sized hole above rear view mirror
could use a good paint job
rear bumper is straight, but has two weak spots at corners

The car is running/shifting well=97 parked in my garage for the winter, =20=

but is registered/inspected and can be driven. I've posted pictures =20
of the interior at the following link:  http://king-co.com/67P5mkIII/=20
67P5mkIII.html   I'll post exterior and engine bay shots tomorrow. =20
There was an exterior shot of the car at motorbase.com, but the site =20
seems to be down.

Please contact me off list  at: peter at king-co.com if you are interested.



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