[ROVERNET - UK] Flood of SD1 full scale "Kits"

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Thu Dec 1 16:40:08 GMT 2005

Many of us received the following message about an SD1
"Alladin's Cave" of SD1 bits.  I'd be less concerned
if the message didn't come from Ravi Shankar.  I send
it for your amusement.


Forwarded message from R Shankar
<mehtashankar at yahoo.co.in> -----
    Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 09:29:17 -0800 (PST)
    From: R Shankar <mehtashankar at yahoo.co.in>
Reply-To: R Shankar <mehtashankar at yahoo.co.in>
 Subject: Huge quantity of new / unused Rover Sd1 Kits
      To: <large list of international receipients>
 Dear   Webmaster
    May I request you to pass this on to the President
of your club for the benefit of the members.
    Dear Mr. President  /  Secretary   of the various
    You  may not know that the Rover SD1 was imported
to India by the Standard Motor Products of India Ltd.,
in 1984/85. It was in completely knocked  down
condition and assembled from panels on jigs. The
factory closed  down due to in-ept handling. 
The imported components in Customs  bonded warehouse
were auctioned. The quantity was in bins, containers, 
crates and piled up to the roof in 6 or 7 huge
The  last CEO of the company mentioned  that the parts
are enough to  assemble 2000 SD1 s !!!    But parts &
headlights  were stolen by the un-employed starving
workers. But I dont think the  lights should be a
problem. If there are buyers for the entire lot, 
these could be ordered from the Taiwan company DEPO.
  The current owners who have bought the lot  are
offering complete kits for assembling the Rover SD1
car from panels.  
  If  there is a good demand they would also consider
assembling the bare  shell and putting the rest inside
the shell and shipping. But in this  case the freight
would be quite high, as only 3 shells could be shipped
 in a 40 foot container.
      However their immediate aim is to sell the
complete kits first.
  They would even consider selling only the body
panels for 1 car  separately if there is a demand. Or
only the assembled shell without  the other parts.
  But this would be later after a major portion of the
kits are sold.
  There about 1000 COMPLETE kits (definitely 600
COMPLETE kits) available  as estimated from the 600
pairs of H/lights & 1200 M-cyl+booster  assys. They
are for sale as one lot or in lots of 20 kits in a 20
foot  container or 40 kits in a 40 foot container. 
What is NOT included in the kits are:  
(a) engine + gearbox assys.  
(b) radiator,  
(c) battery  
(d) Bumpers(as these were made here of FRP)  
(e) seat covers, as these were done here.  
  Wonderful car. Which is more the pity it died such a
sad death. I had one too.  
It  failed here because they used the old Vanguard
2000 cc engine while  they were copying the VM diesel
with which the car was fitted in the  UK. 
  So if there is any interest in these kits, panels,
parts, kindly contact me.
  If you wish you could spread the message for the
benefit of others.
  Ronnie Mehta
  mehtashankar at yahoo.co.in

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