[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 5spd shift knob wanted...

jDolan jhdolan at sover.net
Sun Dec 4 17:38:20 GMT 2005

I saw this on the Buick-Rover-V8 mailing list, asked them if they'd like 
it forwarded here, and here it is. Their contact info is at the end of 
their message.

Has anyone got an old gear lever knob for the 5-speed Rover SD1?  I need 
the logo top part that shows the gear change pattern as I getting a 
black ebony one made by local wood turner.  If you know of any US car 
that has the SD1  pattern I would like to hear.  All I have to do is cut 
the top off and fix to my new one.

Incidentally the pattern is as below

                      Reverse         First       Third      Fifth
                                         Second   Fourth


Barrie Robinson
(705) 721-9060
barrie at look.ca

  I hope this finds everyone well. The talk of a Rover event in the 
northeast next year sounds good. I might even have something other than 
a Land Rover running to get me there.

jim in Vermont
'60 P5 MkI LHD 4spd w/OD  "Olive(r)"
  and a bunch of other stuff...

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