[ROVERNET - UK] P6B front windscreen removal tips sought

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 21 17:40:26 GMT 2005

In the "Pre 9/11" days of 1990, I returned with a
stainless steel exhaust manifold from the UK in a
cheap fibre suitcase I bought.  Can you imagine how
this would show on a high-tech X-Ray scanner, now???

At present, your M-I-L will be greeted with light rain
and mild weather (11 degrees C.)with the same weather
predicted for Christmas.  However, If she was vsiting
Toronto, back east, she would be trudging through

I decided to be politically incorrect and redo the
club website for Christmas.  Have a look. 

I put the windscreen scans on our back-up website for
the Rovernet. Lokk under "Files".


--- Peter Mitchell <peterm at arach.net.au> wrote:

> Hi Netters
> Many thanks for the windscreen removal/replacement
> tips.
> On reflection [excuse the pun] I think that I will
> place my P6B's windscreen
> replacement in the hands of an expert.
> I work in an earthmoving business and we require the
> services of a
> windscreen specialist from time to time.  In fact
> this gentleman supplied my
> replacement screen. I will watch on and see if I can
> pick up some skills.
> I would be grateful if someone with a workshop
> manual would be so kind as to
> let me have a scanned copy of the relevant pages, as
> I would like to see
> what I can do in the way of preparatory work. I have
> the upper and lower
> replacement seals.
> And by the way, Eric, my mother-in-law is spending
> Christmas with family
> over in Lyn[n?] Valley.  Do you have an engine block
> or anything smaller
> that you could drop over for her to bring home to
> Australia?
> Cheers
> Peter Mitchell
> Perth WA
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