[ROVERNET - UK] P6B front windscreen removal tips sought

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 24 14:58:05 GMT 2005

The last time I went to the UK, I stopped by Motorpart
of London in Norwood Junction. I took my youngest
daughter with me and when we asked the platform
officer which BR train to catch, he asked me why I
would want to go to Norwood Junction. Hmmmm. Once
there, I bought a steering wheel and tail lenses. My
all red ones were faded badly, but it seemed the all
red export ones were nearly twice that of the euro
orange (turn lenses) ones, so I got them. I think it
gives the car a nicer euro flair now. He did mention
that it was getting dark and that I should hurry back
to London, seems the area is not very friendly in the
evening. Taking his advice, we left and boarded the
train. Imagine the funny looks I got from other riders
seeing my steering wheel in hand!
Upon my trip back to the states, it appeared our
luggage boarded a different plane than the one we
took. Discovering their mistake, they asked me for
three things to descibe what is in my luggage to
identify it's mine. Well, the steering wheel was
enough. :-). Yep, we got our luggage back the day
after we got home.

VX800 #21

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