[ROVERNET - UK] Des Hammill's book

Peter Mitchell peterm at arach.net.au
Sun Dec 25 18:37:47 GMT 2005

Many thanks Kent for your comments on Des Hamill'a book "How to Power Tune
Rover V8 Engines".

I saw a copy of the book at our club a month ago, and was at the time
horrified by the $80 Australian price tag.

Following Kent's comments, and supported by a club magazine review, I've
decided to obtain a copy.  I have the engine from my spares P6B sitting on a
pallet, ready to be stripped down.  So the book will be a helpful support in
the process of working through the disassembly and rebuilding process.

I must also write to Rudiger off this network and let him know that the
shell from the spares car can be removed from his data base as it is now
with a scrap dealer.

A Merry Christmas to all members and their families.

Peter Mitchell
Perth Western Australia

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