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This O-Ring will almost certainly be a std size. If you have the old 
one, go to an industrial supply house or a hydraulic supply house and 
they should be able to match it easily.

BTW, I have used this method many times and so far the only O-ring I 
have found which is not a std size is the one for the oil supply hole 
between the block and head on the 4cyl engine. OTOH, just bnecause it 
is a std size does not mean it is a common size. I beleive I had to 
wait for stock when I did the timing case plug o-rings several years 


>Dear Listmates:
>I need a new, not used, O-ring that goes between the oil pump and the
>oil pump housing, for my 1969 Rover TC 2000.
>Any suggestions?
>(I just asked Pierre and am waiting to hear from him).
>Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.
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