Hank and Sally Manwell hdmanwell at alumni.bates.edu
Mon Feb 14 01:46:51 GMT 2005

We've been driving 240 wagons for years and piled up hundreds of 
thousands of miles on lead free fuel, though always using 89 octane.   
Our '85 760 turbo has  220k miles on lead free, 89 octane.  Our 1997 960 
straight six has almost 100k.  Our Volvo independent specialist says the 
computerized engine management on the 960 can run any octane and adjust 
itself as necessary, even correcting for ping on an individual 
cylinder.  The owners manual calls for 93 octane, but he says regular is 

Great cars, but can't seem to get attached to one enough to restore it 
as one might with a Rover.   The drive train is strong, but the cheap 
plastic trim on all the 10 Volvos we've had degrades the whole car. 

Wish there had ever been a roomy Rover estate for a practical everyday 



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