[ROVERNET - UK] Expansion Tank - next step

Ray Wilkins rwilkins at connexus.net.au
Mon Feb 14 03:00:25 GMT 2005

Thanks to all those who responded to my request for details on how to
set up an expansion tank on my 1976 P6B. I am still concerned at the
lack of space. My car is still very original under the bonnet and there
just doesn't seem to be any room for the tank. I have been told however
that I could do away with one (or both) of the charcoal canisters but
I'm unsure exactly how the 'plumbing' would work. By freeing up the RHS
of the engine bay would then certainly give me enough room for the
expansion tank.

So, 2 questions. One, What are the ramifications of doing away with one
or both charcoal canisters and Two, how would the plumbing work.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


Ray Wilkins
Melbourne, Australia
1976 P6B

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