[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 220 GTI turbo

David Bass david.bass4 at ntlworld.com
Mon Feb 14 23:26:54 GMT 2005

With the caveat that without having actually owned or driven one,  all I 
can say is what I've heard or read.

The 220 Turbo is a FWD 197 bhp, 2 litre coupe derived from the Rover 200 
Honda era model.

It, like all of the turbo-charged Rovers of that era, is considered to 
be somewhat over-powered for the capabilities of the chassis. It has 
been stated that the 1.8 VVC version (with only about 135 bhp) was a 
more balanced package.

The 200 coupe design is known to some as the "Tomcat", which was 
apparently its factory codename.

It's quite a pretty looking car, IMO. Consider 
http://www.btinternet.com/~james_white/ , where the "advice" section may 
prove to be of interest.


Jonathan Hewison wrote:

>Hello group,
>Does anyone know anything about a 1994 Rover 220 GTI turbo? A friend of
>mine is looking to buy one and because I have a Rover, of course I get
>asked first. However, this car is slightly different to my P6B, and
>don't know anything. So any pitfalls or downsides (or good sides) to
>this car he should know about?
>Jonathan Hewison
>Engineering Technician
>Faculty of Architecture & Design 
>Victoria University of Wellington
>Te Whare Wananga o Te Upoko o Te Ika 
>New Zealand. 
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