[ROVERNET - UK] Lake Worth (FL) British meet and keeping connected

Hank and Sally Manwell hdmanwell at alumni.bates.edu
Fri Feb 18 17:12:15 GMT 2005

    I, too, seldom post, but do enjoy the banter - as much as I have 
time to follow it.  It's good to be connected to Rover blood all over 
the Globe. 
    Speaking of connections, do you know the details of Florida's Lake 
Worth meeting this Sunday?   Or James Dean might know.  We're about 100 
miles north of there in Melbourne (Florida), so it's in Range.  Other 
years there have been many Land Rover/Discos/Range Rovers and a few 
Rovers, James Dean and his P6.   It would be fun to see your P6B, 
Randy.   The meet was canceled last year, but may be held this year at 
another nearby location.
    All our Rovers are "up north", but there are a few folks scattered 
all over Florida.



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