T. Clemen tclemen at msn.com
Sat Feb 19 19:53:09 GMT 2005

The past few days have had some chilling topics discussed I just thought I 
would add my 2¢.

The rovernet has been as handy a tool as my socket set.  Without it and the 
global experience of its members I'd be lost.  From questions on german 
serial number plates, to urethane versus rubber, to identifying my carbs; no 
single book or even books could give me such a broad base of opinions, and 
in so short a time period.

In Minnesota I feel a little isolated from other Rover enthusiasts, however, 
the rovernet has solved that problem.  Everyone here is great, and I thank 
you for all your time, knowledge and devotion in helping keep these autos 

Tom Clemen

PS anyone have a good key lime pie recipe?  :)

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