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>The "inner" spring compressors appear to be rare to obtain and I have to say
>rely too much on the integrity of the spring endplates, which by now have been
>sitting in the mud wet and slush of the wheel arch for some 30 years.
>They lock in place into tabs set in the endplates and to me rely on what is a
>very small amount of grip when considering the massive tension they have to
>It is far easier (and I think safer) to use traditional "outer" spring
>compressors, which can be applied to the P6 spring once the mudguard has been
>removed.  Although it takes a little longer for the job to remove the guards,
>bear in mind our meccano-inspired P6s are a simple bolt-on bolt-off
>proposition and, once the mudgiard is removed, access is improved immeasurably
>and the extra time spent in removal and replacement is more than made up in
>the ease of workspace created.
>Further thoughts appreciated.

Four things to say about the spring compressor tools.

Yes, they rely on the integrity of the spring "Support Cup" [that's 
what the parts manual calls them], which can be difficult to 
determine, and should not be taken for granted in any car that has 
lived in damp or, here in North America, salted roads.

However, I've actually done the math and, using common, but high 
strength, steel the factory rods as designed give a safety factor of 
about 4 to 1. Even just one rod is capable of holding the spring 
closed, thought I rather suspect that the rod would simply bend and 
the spring would end up shaped like a inch worm in transit.

So what it boils down to is, if you have factory tools or quality 
reproductions, and you know the spring support are not corroded, you 
are ready to go.

If either of those conditions can't be met, taking the fender off as 
Alan suggests is best, though it is possible to do with the fender in 
place, and common spring compressors will work fine.

Finally, it is possible to remove and replace a spring without either 
removing the fender or using a spring compressor, but it is not easy 
or particularly safe.

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