[ROVERNET - UK] Electrical problem-P6B post changing roof

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Mon Feb 28 21:22:36 GMT 2005

I will scan the wiring diagram tonight.


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Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Electrical problem-P6B post changing roof

Hello Netters

I have recently echanged my electric sunroof equipped roof for a plain
common-garden P6B roof.[And was able to do so on my own following advice
from Rovernetters including scanned pages from the workshop manual [thanks
Peter Smith!]

My latest problem is that having gotten the new roof in place, the following
electrical items are not working:

Horn, interior light, dashboard map light, boot [trunk for US members].  The
fuses all look to be ok.

Can anyone please suggest what is the problem?

Kind regards

Peter Mitchell
Perth Western Australia

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