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Hi Mike:

Thanks for the info on the retractable seat belts.

It appears that their manufactured by Autoliv in Australia.
We installed these inertia belts front and rear.  But, not in the
center of the rear seats, which I'm glad after looking at your
installation, would have been a "bitch".

The front belts seem to be missing a black plastic over on the
sash guide to hide the bolt.  As a suggestion, cut out some black,  thin, flexible plastic covers for the inertia reels.  Mount them
with the single mounting bolt.  One can cut them out so they wrap
around the reel.  Now you have "plastic on plastic", one being the
reel cover the other the seat.  We took some vasiline, and applied
it to the rubbing surface (reel to seat) to stop any chaffing of
the seat, and make it less resistive to seat adjustment.  It's
a tight fit as you know.  As for the buckles, Autolive supplied
us with buckle belt stalks (250mm long).  We used the original
Rover seat belt mounting on the tunnel to mount the stalks with
No. 8 hardened bolts.

As for the rear belts, we mounted them as you did with the plastic
covers.  This was a little trickey since we have a rear window blind.
We utilized our existing buckle stalks for the center buckles.  There
on both sides of the arm rest.  Although Autolive didn't have 200mm
stalks for the rear, we found some in New Zeland, made by Autolive.
Here's some addresses:  brmgr30 at repco.co.nz, and James.lowe at autolive.com
All the Best,  Peter Miller, Port Orchard, Wa. USA

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