[ROVERNET - UK] Re: Quarts into pint pots

Anders Hedelund Larsen ANDERS at dk.ibm.com
Mon Jan 3 10:13:30 GMT 2005

For the series 1, where there is absolutely no space for the reel between 
the front seats and the side, I did as follows:

- In the sill find a place for the reel just behind the seat so it can 
still be adjusted all the way back.
- Drill a hole in the sill. There is no strength, but it will come.
-  From outside the car take off outer sill, remove rubber plug in inner 
sill box.
- Take a welding nut (with weld-on wings). Drill a hole in one wing. 
Loosely attach it to a piece of welding wire through the hole.
- From the outside offer the nut inside the sill box section. Get it to 
the drilled hole. Catch it with the reel bolt from the inside. Bolt 
- Now attach it: Drill a small hole through sill and nut and attach by 
welding or simply pop-riveting. As the nut is BEHIND/inside the section, 
pop riveting is enough.
- Inside car: Bolt off, bolt on, attaching the reel.
- Outside car: Cut surplus welding wire, re-attach rubber and outside 

Sounds complicated, but really quite simple.....Anders

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