[ROVERNET - UK] Re: More on Estates - limited Rover content...

Anders Hedelund Larsen ANDERS at dk.ibm.com
Mon Jan 3 10:25:27 GMT 2005

As someone remembered to mention the Lancia Beta HPE as a real classic 
such, I can happily announce that to supplement the continued P6B 
restoration project, I just acquired one such. 

Those exact two cars: 
A P6B Series 1 http://schjerlund.dk/andershl/auto/fflint.html
and a Beta HPE http://schjerlund.dk/andershl/LanciaBeta2000HPE1980/

were my early and unobtainable teenage dreams. 

With complete exterior panels waiting (restored and painted) I sincerely 
HOPE to have the P6 happily Rovering again before end of the year. As the 
P6 - base unit, panels, suspension etc. - is now fully zinced it is really 
better suited for the Scandinavian winter than the Italian. 

Engine sounds are seductive in each their way......Anders

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