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I agree with Eric , there really isn't much room so his between the 
bows approach will work best i think.

If you live in the sun and you are looking for heat control, a layer 
of heavy aluminum foil, most polished side towards the roof and spot 
glued in a few places, will save you a couple of degrees inside the 
car in the blazing sun, and slow the time it will take to warm up 
sitting closed in the sun.


>The metal headling arches press so firmly against the
>roof insulaton that it leaves permanent grooves.  The
>metal tabs on the roof frame have self-tapping screw
>holes that barely line up when you re. and re. roof
>lining at the best of times.
>If you want to increase insulation why don't you keep
>the original lining on the roof (perhaps Contact
>Cement it in a few places to keep it from falling.
>Then, acquire insulation pieces to glue onto the
>existing insulation but between the marks where the
>roof arches want to fit.
>Best wishes in your project.
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