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Hello Peter,

Road noise would suggest a problem with tyres.  Sometimes balance weights
fall off causing such immediate symptoms, especially if you hit a pot hole.
 A close inspection of the wheels may reveal where a weight has been lost.
 Why not do both balance and alignment because the latter will also reveal
any excessive movement in the suspensions ball joints or wheel bearings.
 The former will reveal whether a tyre has gone out of round.  With the car
on the hoist, why not check the rear bearings and the universals as other
roverneters have suggested.  

Lets us know how it goes

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>This sounds very much like a wheel balance problem.  Cheap and easy to
>fix, unless one or more tires need replacement or a wheel is damaged.
>"Hello all. 
>In anticipation of a cold weekend under the car, I wonder if anyone has
>idea for what might cause a sudden occurrence of road noise and vibration
>my 3500s? I've determined only that it is not engine-related, as the
>vibration does not stop when I shift into neutral and coast. The vibration
>came on suddenly at about 60 mph, and now begins at about 45 mph, and is
>quite pronounced if I go over 50. Tires all look fine, but that deserves
>closer inspection. 
>Thanks in advance for any recommendations you might have.
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