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James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 4 06:03:37 GMT 2005

Please feel free to contact me, anyone; regarding air conditioning.I
recently supplied another Rovernetter with an adapter bracket to bolt a
rotary compressor to the old York base, and am making up a boot evaporator
unit, to go into a European 3500.To save anyone the trouble, I carefully
checked a Jaguar factory option Delenaire unit I have from a 420, and
decided it really won't fit in the Rover.One other note of caution; it
appears that the fuel tank is fatter on the Federal 3500S, as well as having
a fuel overflow/vapor catch tank.Does anyone know if the fuel tank is the
same(flat,backed, not rounded) on a European 3500 as on a 2000TC?I will be
mounting a marine grade turbine blower, and a NOS Coolaire evaporator on
that little shelf area behind the tank; with an inlet and outlet vent in the
rear parcel shelf behind the rear seat. James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale.
jaguru at bellsouth.net
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> Hi Alan
> I'd be interested in how you go fitting an A/C as this is a project I am
> planning.
> Cheers
> Roger
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> >Roger -
> >Thanks for the check in .
> >I cannot find anything at this stage - all nuts bolts and unions are
> >tight and there are no obvious cracks or splits.
> >She is off to the panelbeaters next week to have the roof re-vinyled
> >(Peter Todd's Mentone Smash Repairs for those in Melbourne ... thorough
> >gentleman) and a bit of a tart up after having a new interior fitted.
> >Will get them to have a closer look at the front suspension and give it
> >a drive to see how they identify the noise.
> >Spent the last few day stripping out a P6 cannibal car ... including a
> >factory fitten aircon which will go into the 3500S in due course.
> >Cheers,
> >
> >Alan
> >
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